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Caldic (Ingredients) Nordic Management

Oresund Bridge Denmark Sweden

Caldic (Ingredients) Nordic consists of the following Nordic companies: Caldic (Ingredients) Denmark, Caldic (Ingredients) Sweden, Caldic Norway and Caldic Finland. Caldic Ingredients Nordic is situated in Malmö, Sweden and is led by Managing Director Gustav Larsson. The Caldic Nordic Head office is based in Hedensted, Denmark and is led by Managing Director Niklas Ekman.

Board of Directors

Gustav Larsson Managing Director, Caldic Ingredients Nordic
Gustav Larsson Managing Director Caldic Ingredients Nordic
Niklas Ekman Managing Director, Caldic Nordic
Niklas Ekman, Managing Director Caldic Denmark and Caldic Sweden

Nordic Management Group

Johan Sundell
Finance Director
Johnny Appelkvist
Operation Manager
Christian Linnet
Supply Chain Manager
Nanna Pedersen
HR Manager
Ola Gillborg
Innovation & NPD Manager