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Learn, grow and contribute

In order to make us a stronger, more innovative and inspiring company, we actively encourage our people to contribute their well substantiated ideas and cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit.

We give you a great deal of professional freedom and responsibility and offer you the opportunity to be decisive and work autonomously. We strongly support personal and career development.

We believe in investment in our people through on-the-job learning and formal training. At Caldic you learn, grow and contribute to your success and that of our company and our customers.

We believe

We believe that our long term success depends on how well we understand our customers, their products, their markets, their competitors and their needs. This starts with attracting the right people. People who enjoy showing initiative, who take responsibility and who highly value integrity and loyalty.

The best way for us to build strong partnerships with our suppliers and customers is to welcome people into our company who are driven to achieve the best results. Apart from that, they should be willing to work as members of a team to deliver innovative, tailor-made solutions.

We believe that people will enjoy full job satisfaction when there’s scope for new ideas and creative initiatives.  But more importantly, we welcome people who feel challenged to implement these ideas, so that they can directly observe the positive outcome of their efforts. For that reason, there is minimum bureaucracy at Caldic.