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Ice cream bins filled with differently colored ice cream flavours, as we offer Dairy ingredients for ice creams, yoghurts, shakes and cheeses


We excel at servicing dairy markets. Our dedicated R&D and technical sales professionals are pleased to offer solutions that are individually customized to meet your challenging formulation requirements. In addition, we can supply you with dairy ingredients such as milk powders, emulsifiers, hydrocolloids, proteins and cultures.

Caldic Nordic Webinar: solutions in Ice Cream with Cargill

It is a well-known fact that ice cream is one of the world’s favorite treats. There’s nothing like a delightful bite of ice cream. With consumers looking to indulge in new food experiences, the ice cream sector is well placed to cater to these needs. At Caldic we have always been committed to inspiring with our solutions. This is why Caldic Nordic is proud to present a series of five webinars taking a deep dive in the ice cream category. During this webinar, together with established ice cream partners, we will explore emerging trends, exciting new chocolate, creative cocoa powders and new opportunities to help ice cream producers to address the demand for this long time favorite treat.  

Caldic Nordic is happy to invite you to the second Ice Cream webinar – Sweet storytelling in chocolate Ice Cream – scheduled on 20 April at 11h00 CET.  

Caldic Nordic webinar: Sweet storytelling in Chocolate Ice Cream

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