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Biomax: Specialty Silicones for Personal Care

Applying body lotion on a female hand, containing specialty silicones for a silky smooth feeling

Biomax for the maximum benefits of bio-system

Recently we initiated a partnership with specialty silicone manufacturer Biomax. With this partnership, we further expand our silicone portfolio with high quality specialty silicones that enables to even better provide our customers within formulating.

Silicones for Personal Care Applications

It is the component in a shampoo that makes your hair shine, it makes your skin feel silky smooth after applying your body lotion and causes an evenly spreading of pigments in color cosmetics. Silicones are one of the most valued ingredients in Personal Care products and can be used in various applications. Thanks to this new partnership, we can offer an even larger variety of specialty silicones, including silicone elastomers, silicone resins and silicone oils.

Latest Development

Biomax has developed a green innovation on sugar-modified silicone elastomer gels. Via a unique patented technology, Biomax developed Alkylglucocide modified self-emulsifying cross polymer gel from a green source. This gel with unique and outstanding properties is less harmful to the environment and free of PEG and 1,4 dioxane.

Formulation Support Being in liquid, gel or solid forms, silicones are a class of synthetic resins with both organic and inorganic characteristics and an array of unique and useful properties. Today’s formulations are very complex, multi-ingredient compositions. Caldic can help you in finding the right silicone solution for your personal care formulation and support you to achieve the desired synergy.

About Biomax

Located in Guangdong, BioMax Si&F is a Chinese high-tech company specialized in the research, development, production and marketing of silicone and organic fluorine chemicals. The company was founded in 1993 and have grown from a single room facility to a global leader in silicone products. Not only are they committed to creating high quality products, they also strive to ensure environmentally friendly and energy efficient products. Since 2010, together with an external expert consultant Biomax implemented a high standard Total Quality Management system to ensure the quality of products and people’s wellbeing. They share our vision on outstanding innovative products and services, are flexible and have an excellent R&D department where they constantly develop innovative products..