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Caldic Nordic First Choice Collection

First Choice Collection

Caldic offers a wide range of specialized ingredients ready for the food industry ranging from ready-to-use powder blends, flavors, fillings, colors and compounds– some of the solutions are also available as organic solutions. All the products are developed by the Caldic Nordic NPD team and produced at our factory sites in the Nordics.

You will find a selection of the most trendy high runners in the lists for downloads at the rigth, but there are more to the collection than shown. To assist you we have divided the top products into segments, stated minimum order quantities as well as packaging possibilities.

If you find any of the items listed interesting, please do not hesitate to order samples or contact us for further information.

Customized solutions

If you have requests which are not met by products in our standard lists, do contact us, as our speciality is custom made solutions. Our highly skilled NPD and application team in the Nordics can assist you in realizing your project  if you are looking for a new trendy flavor, color, compound, filling or a powdermix ready-to- use.

Whether it is to enhance an already existing formula, creating a new trendy one or meet demands for an optimal production, Caldic has the skills, technical expertise and equipment to meet your requirements.

Recently, we have focused on applications which meet demands for 

  • Clean Label – natural products
  • Less of or no added sugar – also without artificial sweeteners
  • Trendy flavors and colors 
  • Protein enhancement
  • Pre-mixes ready-to-use eg vegan solutions
  • Trendy sandings 
  • Bake stable compounds
  • Highbrix fillings for chocolate