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Whether you are in need of white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate applications, Caldic provides a broad range of high quality solutions tailored to your needs. One of the latest additions to our cocoa and chocolate portfolio in the Nordic region is Gerkens® cocoa powder, a full range of high quality, consistent and reliable cocoa powders produced by our partner Cargill.

Gerkens® cocoa powder: a unique 360° sensory experience

Gerkens® CT70 is a cocoa powder that has been specifically designed for bakery products. It distinguishes itself from similar competitive products by offering consumers a 360° sensory experience: in addition to the genuine chocolate taste and aroma, Gerkens® CT70 gives products an appetizing golden brown color.

Usage of Gerkens® cocoa powder

Gerkens® CT70 can be used for mixing cakes with chocolate, for fillings, coating and glazing and for the production of ice cream. Or in confectionary, giving sweets the fabulous scent and the authentic taste of real chocolate.

Application in oven-baked desserts 

In baked goods, cocoa powders are often used to add or enhance color. However, research from Cargill has shown that there was a need to develop a cocoa powder that could involve more senses than just the sight. After several months of developing, testing and multiple tastings, involving over 3500 consumers in six different European countries, the Cargill  innovation team was satisfied with the result: bakery products with the genuine taste and aroma of chocolate. 

Gerkens® CT70 advantages in oven-baked desserts: 

  • Excellent chocolate taste and aroma
  • Appetizing golden-brown color that reflects the sensory profile of the cocoa powder
  • Simplified oven cooking.

Caldic Nordic Webinar: solutions in Ice Cream with Cargill

It is a well-known fact that ice cream is one of the world’s favorite treats. There’s nothing like a delightful bite of ice cream. With consumers looking to indulge in new food experiences, the ice cream sector is well placed to cater to these needs. At Caldic we have always been committed to inspiring with our solutions. This is why Caldic Nordic is proud to present a series of five webinars taking a deep dive in the ice cream category. During this webinar, together with established ice cream partners, we will explore emerging trends, exciting new chocolate, creative cocoa powders and new opportunities to help ice cream producers to address the demand for this long time favorite treat.  

Caldic Nordic is happy to invite you to the second Ice Cream webinar – Sweet storytelling in chocolate Ice Cream – scheduled on 20 April at 11h00 CET.  

Caldic Nordic webinar: Sweet storytelling in Chocolate Ice Cream

About Caldic’s Cocoa and Chocolate offering

At Caldic, we offer a broad range of cocoa and chocolate solutions. Think of chocolate coatings with a higher melting point or solutions for rich and creamy fillings and a guaranteed better stability than standard chocolate. Or our cocoa butter, which is well appreciated for its pleasant and soft texture in chocolate applications and usage as a flavor and taste enhancer. The cocoa mass we offer through our partners is of certified origin and comes from countries like Venezuela, Ghana and Ecuador. 

More information?

For more information about Gerkens® cocoa powder or the other cocoa and chocolate solutions we offer, please contact your regular Caldic Sales Manager or Jan Heinz Hansen, Technical Product Manager. Our Nordic team of Cocoa and Chocolate experts are happy to support you! Also when it comes to technical application, recipe formulations or other technical issues.