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Cargill Pectin - a Multifunctional Food Ingredient

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Caldic offers a diverse portfolio of Cargill Hydrocolloids among which also a large variety of pectin solutions.

Pectin is a multifunctional ingredients used in a large number of different food applications due to its many appreciated properties as gelling agent, thickener, stabilizer, fiber and last but not least as a protective hydrocolloid. The force of pectin is the acid stability (between pH3,2 and 4,5) even at high temperatures.

Our pectin experts are more than happy to assist in choosing the right pectin solution for your applications, whether it’s modified for top-notch performance or naturally functional to match your label needs (and still shine in functionality).

Cargill pectin solutions offer clean and simple labels, boost stability and can improve the sensory experience of your products. Together, we can achieve functionalities you never thought possible.

Pectin has various functions depending on food segment and needs. Some of them are listed below.

Fruit preserves

Tailor the textures of your fruit preserves such as jam, inclusions for yoghurt, fillings for bakery produce, fruit ripple desserts, water based gelees, glaze, fruit snacks and homemade jam products.

For this segment pectin is used as gelling agent and to enhance spreadability. Further, pectin is used to provide control of the syneresis process and to make your fruit prep pumpable and bake stable.

Convenience Food

Use Cargill pectin as gelling agent, stabilizer and thickener in powder blends for mixing various beverages, ketchup, dressings, margarine, spreads and in various powder blends for desserts and food dishes.


Cargill pectin is used for fruit compounds, in jellies and fillings/ripples as gelling agent or as stabilizer and thickener.


As a thickener pectin improves texture, mouth sensation, stability and not least provide control of the syneresis.


From unique mouth texture to stable performance of juices, fruity drinks and flavor added waters the Cargill pectin solutions add to the experience of your product. 

Pectin variants

  • High Methyl Ester Pectin (HM Pectin)
  • Low Methyl Ester Conventional Pectin (LMC Pectin)
  • Low Methyl Ester Amidated Pectin (LMA Pectin)

Try for yourself. Contact your regular Caldic Sales manager or our technical expert in pectin solution for further information and samples.