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We to dare say that we represent some of the strongest partners within ingredients for brewing beer. We market and sell a complete package - from malt and hops to yeast, spices and water treatment products.
Our sales staff have lots of experience in beer brewing, so if you need good advice, tips or just sparring we are more than ready to support you with what expertise we have when it comes to brewing beer. Just contact Martin or Erik – no obligations.

Wide range of products

Caldic Brew keeps in stock a wide range of brewing ingredients meaning we can quickly deliver what you need. We have a large cooling room where yeast and hops from all over the world are stored cold just ready to be shipped. We also carry KeyKegs in our assortment which you can add to your delivery of ingredients. Remember! If you do not find what you need in our in stock product range - then ask us as we most likely can help you anyway.  Through many years in the beer brewing industry we have built a worldwide network of highly esteemed producers which enables the Caldic Brew team to provide both standard and specialty ingredients for brewing. Thus we can assist you in brewing special quality beers after your own recipes. You can read more about who we represent - click here

Quality and high standards are key issues

For Caldic focus on quality is a key issue - not only regarding the products we sell, but most certainly also in the way we handle the sale process. Constantly we strive to optimize our processes to provide you an optimal experience - all the way from the first contact to final delivery. This applies not only to physical goods but also how our employees service you. We call it Caldic Distribution Plus.
Caldic has various quality certifications - not for the sake of the certificate itself, but because we through these certifications constantly focus on improving our processes. In this way, we develop how we work in order to improve our service to our suppliers and customers.
Find our certifications related to our brew ingredient activities here, or learn more about Caldic's quality concept  : click here

Humlegårdens Ekolager

With the acquisition of Humlegårdens Ekolager in September 2020, Caldic Brew expands their market reputation driven by Humlegårdens innovative online sales platform, specialty portfolio and high service level. Humlegårdens Ekolager provides good ingredients, equipment and literature, as well as good service, to home brewers and craft breweries. Its offering consists of high-quality ingredients including malts, hops and yeasts. Click here to take a look at the website and to find all the ingredients, equipment and literature to home brewers and craft breweries. All the products are of the same high quality for professional brewers and home brewers alike - the only difference is the amount.