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Intense dark, clean label Gerkens cocoa from Cargill

Cargill has been producing the high quality brand Gerkens cocoa powders for over 50 years. As an exclusive partner of choice, Caldic offers the Gerkens cocoa powders in conjunction with our technical application expertise to provide innovative solutions for your bakery, confectionary, beverage, savoury, dairy and ice cream applications

New Gerkens GS range meets demand for Clean Label

To meet fast growing consumer demands for transparent labelling of food products Cargill has developed the Gerkens GS cocoa series which can be used in food applications without need of declaring an alkalizing agent, providing you the possibility to go clean label with your final food product.

Attractive dark appearance with Gerkens GS powders

The Gerkens GS cocoa portfolio consists of 6 high quality cocoa powders providing an attractive dark appearance in your food application.The series come as regular cocoa powder as well as in low fat versions and provide choice of solutions with a varied color scheme.  Customized sustainable cocoa solutions

As a world leading cocoa brand the Cargill Gerkens brand is always delivered with the highest sustainability requirements in mind with focus on farmer productivity and community development as key pillars. The Gerkens® range offers the broadest portfolio of off-the-shelf cocoa powder and provide our customers with unique solutions to meet specific requirements.

Looking good, inside and out!

Let us assist you in making sustainable, clean label cocoa food solutions looking good inside and out!  Contact your Caldic Sales manager or send a mail to for further information and samples.