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Antimicrobials. Sustainable protection of fibrous and polymerized materials

What are Antimicrobials?

Antimicrobials, together with pesticides, fall into the category biocides. Biocides were originally developed to protect plants from the damage caused by biological pests, for example to control plant diseases like fungi or in case of insect infestation in cotton plants. Over time, producers of biocides extended the use to other industrial applications, in order to protect products from mold, mildew and algae to extend the shelf life. 

Nowadays, biocides also help prevent and reduce antimicrobial health risks such as bacteria and dust mites. 
Take bacteria: some are good, and we even need them to stay healthy, but some are harmful to our health and can cause allergies, infections and malodor. They are adaptable, resourceful and hard to avoid. The same goes for dust mites. It only takes 25 days for an entire dust mite population to reproduce itself under the right conditions. Those conditions are characterized by heat, humidity and nutrients. 

You can imagine what an important function these antimicrobials have in places where hygiene has a very high priority eg beddings in hotels and hospitals,  sportswear or surgical gowns.

Sustainable technologies

The Caldic portfolio of PT9 antimicrobials  contains a broad selection of  bio-based,  active and tailor-made biocide products which are  green and sustainable.   They don’t contain any heavy metal or nano-particles. Our antimicrobial products provide an optimum and long term protection to a wide range of  fibrous material  and polymer products used for medical textiles, sportswear, footwear, bedding, carpets, garments and more.  They are dedicated to protect  goods from microbial degradation and to reduce health risk from microbial development. And this without causing bio-accumulation in the environment and waste water systems. 

Effective services and tailor-made solutions

Your Caldic biocides experts offers to assist and guide you  in all processes with whatever you need  and are ready to find special solutions tailored to your needs if a standard solution can not be found.

Our services consists of – but are not limited to providing trial protocols and samples, obtaining approval s by authorities, testing throughout the introductory phase to ensure performance of the biocides and securing quality and sustainability of your products once they have been treated. Do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of assistance . We are more than pleased to provide help and guidance. Unique bio-based technology

Want to learn more about your possibilities with our  unique, safe and innovative  bio-based technology, please watch the movie showing how the products – when applied forms a polymer to the substrate providing a durable and outstanding antimicrobial protection. All green and sustainable.

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