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Sugar reduced and clean label bakery filings

cake filled with strawberry filling

Introduction of Innovations in bakery fillings fulfilling 2 major consumer market trends at the moment! Those are sugar reduction and clean label

Throughout history, sugars have been used to provide sweetness and enhance functionality. Nowadays, many consumers want to decrease their sugar intake, and this trend is reinforced around the globe in response to recent government recommendations and policies. And so manufacturers are looking to reformulate with ingredients that do not only provide sugar reduction, but that can also deliver on functionality. This is where pectin comes in. 

Sugar reduced decoration

The most difficult challenge when reducing sugar content is to maintain the aw. Water activity is key for shelf life and avoid any exchange with the biscuit part. 
In the case of an example the sugar content is reduced in a decoration recipe whilst the aw is almost maintained.

The use of LMA pectin, mandatory at this lower brix (compared with non-reduced sugar recipe), provides thermo-reversible filling, which offers more production flexibility and helps to control the critical acidification step.

Solutions come as both sugar reduced decorations as well as sugar reduced post baked fillings- Find more information to the right of the page.

Clean label

As consumers continue to scrutinize labels, they favor products containing ingredients that they are familiar with. Organic products are even more appealing, with organic certification serving as a reference point for those consumers looking for less processed and more sustainably sourced foods.

Conventional pectin ticks all the boxes in this regard, as research shows it scores high on consumer familiarity, and as it is organic compliant and can therefore be used in recipes labelled as organic. 

Organic bake stable filling is a thermostable filling with NO Calcium salt addition allowing organic labelling.

Label-friendly fruit chips

Reformed fruit chips can be used as inclusions to enhance different sweet products like cakes, biscuits, chocolate tablet, ice-cream, confectionery.

2 ways of production can be used : 
- Deposited at medium TSS , with a drying step to reach the final TSS
- Deposited at the final TSS 

Reformed fruit chips with drying step

Pectin 64010 provides a firm & cuttable gel , with a resistant texture for drying drum. 
It provides a “cleaner” and organic compliant labeling with a single conventional pectin vs. the combination of alginate and phosphate which can be also used.

Reformed fruit chips deposited at final TSS

Unipectine OF 959CSB provides a smooth and shiny texture which can be used also as a decoration filling as no drying step is required. 
The low reactivity of Unipectine OF959CSB which does not require the use of buffer salts typically used at these high brix recipe.

This conventional pectin allows a cleaner and organic labeling.

Interested in learning more about sugar reduction and clean label in your bakery application please do contact your regular Caldic sales manager or send an E-mail