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Tasty Smart Green Protein meat substitute

Say hello to the future in flavoring savoury solutions meeting the demands of the future flexitarian, vegan or vegitarian consumers without compromising on texture, look and last - but not least - on great taste.

Rapidly growing market with large potential

Based on findings from extensive market research via social media Insights, Consumer surveys and focus group in depth interviews the Smart Protein has been created to meet market demands for healthier, more sustainable and - not to forget - natural green label flavoring. Market intelligence show large and fast rising growth rates in Europe and in the Nordic region in particular. Based on the consumer mega trend of wanting to live a healthier life as convenient as possible there is no doubt that the demand for tasty meat substitutes will keep growing.

Flexitarian – the wanna be vegan consumer

The flexitarian consumer believe in less intake of protein through meat is bringing a healthier life,  and the flexitarian group is growing rapidly in number. However, transition of “wanting to” over to actually realizing is rather slow due to the fact that flexitarians :

  • strive for less intake of animal protein but lack actual recipies and cooking ideas with plant based meat substitutes
  • want the exact same smell, look, texture and taste that animal meat has
  • have a need for convenience so ready-to-cook mixes as well as guidance in usage is needed

Help the consumers by a total solution from Caldic

You can meet consumer demands by providing tasty and nutritional products along with inspiration for usage. We have created total taste solutions for Vegan Delights and Ragu Vegan delights.
On the convenience side you can provide crunchy, juicy and crispy meatless nuggets with texture, look and smell/taste just like the real thing.

So  why not start the consumers – rather today than tomorrow - with the Smart Protein solutions from Caldic?

Want to learn more and order samples, then contact your regular Caldic Sales Manager. 

You can download the full Smart Protein solution here